McLain Plumbing & Electrical Service, Inc was founded in 1956 by John F. and Irene H. McLain as John McLain Plumbing. The company specialized in residential plumbing and electrical work and consisted of Mr. John and a helper.

While in high school, Mr. John’s twin sons, Ralph and Jim, worked in the business part time and helped to expand the services to include residential air conditioning. After graduation from Mississippi State University, Ralph moved on to pursue a career as a Professional Engineer. Jim remained with the company until his death in 2005.

Kent, the youngest son, joined the company full time in 1973 after his graduation from Mississippi State University.

In 1979 the company was incorporated as McLain Plumbing & Electrical Service, Inc. The share holders were: John F. McLain, Irene H. McLain, Ronald (Jim) McLain and Kent McLain.

Co-founder and the Family’s Matriarch, Irene H. McLain, passed away in 2004.

A service division, McLain Services, was added in 2016.